Associate of Arts

The Belhaven University, now Belhaven College, Associate of Arts degree is a Christian liberal arts program, serving as a stepping stone into our Bachelor of Business Administration program. This degree, taught from a Christian perspective, emphasizes the importance of ideas through history, and those personal values that lead to personal, spiritual and professional success. Courses in literature history, financial planning, biblical studies and personal life management skills are examples of courses offered.

The AA is a 62 credit program, spanning 18-25 months. This program may be started with no prior college experience.


Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
EDU106 Foundations of Composition*
(*test out option available)
BUS205 Learning Applications 3
BIB214 Old Testament History 3
BIB215 New Testament History 3
ENG 103 Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENG 108 Effective Research Writing 3
MAT202 Quantitative Reasoning 3
ENG 203 Survey of World Literature I 3
ENG 204 Survey of World Literature II 3
BIO 125 Science & Culture II 4
HIS 108 Civilization 3
HIS 205 Contemporary World History 3
WVC301 Christian Interpretation of Life 3
CSC 102 Introduction to Computers 3

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